If you are facing any type of domestic violence, report it to the concerned authorities to protect yourself and your kids. Several laws give you complete protection and would prosecute the abuser as well. Get in touch with the domestic violence attorney Boca Raton to find more details about the legal channel for these cases. We are going to discuss the criminal penalties which the abuser is going to face.

Divided into two categories
Domestic violence is a serious crime, and the abusers are given exemplary punishments. These crimes are divided further into two categories. The severe acts in the domestic violence are under the felonies and the others are in the misdemeanors category. The police officers or the authorities who first report to the crime scene will decide which type of charges are needed.
The criteria for determining the type of case is different from all the police departments. They decide it after carefully considering whether an assault happened or not. These assaults are checked whether they fall under the felonious assault or not.
Depending on the type of assault, the police may arrest the abuser at the spot.
Misdemeanor assaults
This is the first type of charge for such criminals which can result in incarceration in jail for up to a year. In some of the cases, the abuser is given probation until they meet certain criteria set by the courts.
The criteria include the completion of an anger management program or obeying the restraining order issued by the court.
Felony assaults
This is the second type of charge for the abusers. The punishment for this charge may exceed a year in prison.
If you are courageous enough, the abuser would be behind the bars for sure. Look for the legal help and file the appropriate charges on the abuser.