Domestic violence happens in almost every one out of five homes. Some victims remain silent while the others speak out for them. The abuser tortures them by verbally or physically harming them. ..

Domestic violence is not restricted to the spouses only, this can be done to anyone, whether it is a child, a parent or elder member of the family who has no power to stop the abuser.
Who are the abusers?
The abusers can be any one regardless of the gender and age. It can be male or a female. Yes, you read it right, males are not the only abusers, many females are equally abuser to their male partners. God created female as a fragile and innocent individual, but the social factors can result them becoming the abusers and harassing their male partners or the children.
There are many cases in which the abusers are family members of the groom, or you can say that in laws of bride. Husband is not the only one who is involved in beating his wife physically and abusing her verbally, but his mother, father, sister or brother are also involved equally. In developing countries, instead of stopping the abusers people tend to encourage them. In such cases victim does not survive most of the time.
But if you are living in the developed nation like Florida, you can easily report the violence to local police or hire Domestic violence lawyer Fort Lauderdale to help the victim.
Is domestic violence a crime?
Yes, according to law, it is a severe crime that is punished. The abuser or the one who is physically harming other people regardless of the relation to them, can be arrested without the arrest warrant. The laws are made to handle such cases.