The biggest fear which becomes an hinderance in taking the decision of vasectomy is that this would completely make you infertile for the rest of your life. It is not simple decision , and this is reason it is not allowed during productive ageage. You should make up your mind and should sign the legal documents before you take the surgical operation. Some people think that if they change their mind afterwards, they will go for a reversal. This is true that there are available methods which can reverse the surgery but there is no guarantee that this reversing of vasectomy (vazektomia) will actually work. Therefore, this is the main concern of this treatment and people are advised to discuss the consequences before opting for the surgical procedure.

What are the side effects?

Well, there are not many side effects of this treatment because it is a simple and non-complicated procedure. However, some people might face following consequences after they are done with the surgery:

● They might see blood in their semen for some time
● General infections at the spot of surgery might occur
● There would be a low pain in underbelly
● In rare cases, hematoma might appear inside the scrotum
● Some people might experience swelling and bruising of scrotum

In most cases, if the side effects appear, they would go on their own and you need not to worry about. However, you should always stay in touch with your surgeon for next few months after the surgical procedure is performed. In extreme situations, you might face some prolonged side effects which include pain in the sex organ and inflammation that is caused by the leaking of your sperms. These conditions must be addressed on a timely basis. The vazektomia cena is not as high as prices of other procedures so it is affordable procedure.