Some countries are offering citizenship to the investors as well these days. They have introduced some scales for the investment in their country, if the foreigner is completing these scales, they are given permanent citizenship. We are going to discuss citizenship by investment in cyprus.

They don’t have any strict terms and conditions
Countries like Cyprus do not have any strict terms and conditions for citizenship. The application process of these countries is also easy. The applicants do not need to disclose the source of their funds which they are looking to invest. There are no medical tests and language requirements in these countries for the new citizenship applications.
Citizenship on one time visit
These countries are offering residence to the people on one time visit. There are no requirements for a prior stay in the country. The one time visit is also for the application, however, at the time of the application the investors need to register their biometrics as well.
Visa-free travel to 150 countries
The citizenship of Cyprus gives access to more than 150 countries without a visa. Most people look for a second passport to increase their mobility. When you apply for citizenship, simultaneously apply for permanent residency as well.
A permit is provided to the applicant 5 days after their application for citizenship which allows them to visit 150 countries without visa access.
Citizenship for life
This citizenship is not for a limited time, it is valid for a lifetime. It can be passed to the descendants as well. In short, the citizenship of these countries is beneficial for the investors; it provides them a chance to grow themselves. At the same time, they get a chance to freely travel in most of the countries of the world without a visa.