After using the luxury rent a car dubai, you might start thinking in terms of starting your own business back home. All dreams are valid and thus, with determination and hard work, you might just succeed. The following are things to consider:

• Challenge your business model: You need to take time to look for customers, vehicles, technology, market rates, the people to operate your business, and think of all the possibilities.
• Be obsessed with numbers: To be successful, you have to be obsessed with numbers. Take your time to look at any possible benchmark including utilization, revenue per user, the average rental length, earnings and reservation build.
• Know your customers and your fleet: The deals should not drive your decision. The customers you have should be the ones to dictate the type of fleet to own. Are the customers willing to use cars which are used or the majority of your clients will be the ones who like high-end exotic vehicles? From there, you will decide the type of fleet you will own.
• When getting a vehicle, know where, when, and how you are going to utilize it: If the aftermarket requires you to have luxury vehicles, and cool colors, go for them. Whatever it is, have them at your disposal.
• Manage risk: Evaluate the amount of time that you use on subrogation. Is it done by your insurance and you don’t seem to care about it or you follow it up?
• Don’t neglect sales and marketing: Without marketing and sales, you might just be another additional car rental company. You need to define what makes your specific business to be unique. And this is what you should make your customers be aware of. The unique character of your business is the one that should draw the customer to you and make them pay more.